Batteries provide a significant role to electronic devices. Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries give a huge impact on devices that can be found at home. Apart from that, there are devices that cannot function when batteries are not around or have been damaged. This is one of the main reasons why companies that produce and make batteries are still striking in the market nowadays. However, excessive use of batteries will cause an excessive number of used batteries at home. It is also not new to us that batteries contain dangerous and harmful chemicals therefore, must be disposed of immediately after use. In terms of safe and efficient battery disposal, estate cleanouts Phoenix is the perfect company for you.  


Since, there are numerous types of dead batteries that can be found at your home such as the battery of your smartphones, watches, clocks, toys, remotes etc. it is better to be knowledgeable on how to properly dispose of those things aside from calling experts and professionals in this field of work. Here’s what you should know: 

Batteries are dangerous. You must always remember that there types of batteries that can`t be simply thrown in the garbage can, there are types of batteries that contain toxic and harmful materials that should be handled by experts and professionals alone. For instance, button batteries that can be found on watches and kid`s toys contain mercury that is hazardous and must be well-handled and recycled by our company to ensure safety and to keep yourself away from any possible harms and danger.  

Have you observed batteries with designated letters such as D, AA, AAA or C? This kind of battery contains steel, manganese and zinc that is not totally harmful and can be easily thrown in the trash. However, as owners, you can still recycle these batteries to make it useful again but you should always remember to stay safe and better call our company to do the job. 

Do you have batteries that are rechargeable? Then, you should know that if it is not properly disposed of, it can cause contamination to the environment so easily. Therefore, to save not just yourself but also the environment from any contamination better hand over your rechargeable batteries to our company for proper recycling and disposing. 

Car batteries or vehicle batteries should be handled properly since it contains toxic chemicals such as acid and lead. You should always bear in mind that in getting old and damaging batteries from your cars or any vehicles you should maintain safety protocols and must ensure proper tools to remove it. Aside from that, this type of battery can be sold to a nearest store for proper recycling and disposing, and often, car retailers offer new batteries in exchange for your old one. This will surely save you from spending money in purchasing a new battery for your car. In addition, to ensure and prevent yourself from engaging in any unexpected accidents in terms of disposing your batteries at home, better to leave it alone and let our company do its duties.